Wealth Management Services

For over 17 years, HBE Wealth Management LLC has provided true wealth management services for individuals, businesses, and retirement plans throughout Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska. As a member of the BAM ALLIANCE, the firm provides a holistic, all encompassing investment approach that goes beyond basic advice and incorporates all facets of our clients’ financial lives, from tax and estate planning to risk management, retirement funding, charitable giving and beyond.

Investment Consulting

Evidence-based investing retains the benefits of indexing. It uses funds that are relatively low-cost, low turnover and tax efficient. However, we seek to improve on the index model by tilting portfolios towards groups of stocks with higher expected returns. Clients can expect a portfolio designed with the principles of modern finance and proactive re-balancing and tax-loss harvesting.

We see past the spreadsheet to understand your most important dreams and goals.

Advanced Planning

We take the time to focus on delivering true wealth management services, not just money management. This means integrating estate and tax and risk management into an overall financial plan.

Meet Our Team

Scott A. Becker, CPA, CFP
Managing Partner

Christopher M. Bedient, CFA
Wealth Advisor

Zach B. Lundak
Portfolio Advisor

Valerie Stranathan
Client Relationship Specialist

Jennifer S. Liliedahl
Compliance Officer

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Investment advisor services are offered through HBE Wealth Management,
LLC while CPA services are offered through HBE LLP.

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